See Also:

  1. Using QuickScan to detect files and partitions just deleted
  2. Use SuperScan to analyze deleted and severely damaged volumes
  3. Unerase Deleted Files and Folders
  4. Unerase All Volume Data on a Deleted/Damaged Partition
  5. Search for Deleted Files and Folders
  6. Search for Standard File Signatures and Define Custom Signatures
  7. Preview File Contents (Recovery Status Check)
  8. Rollback, Backup and Restore Disk Partitioning Info
  9. Fix damaged MBR/GPT and Use Partitioning Tools
  10. Fix Damaged Partition (Volume) Boot Sector
  11. Re-create Deleted or Damaged Disk Array (RAID) Virtually
  12. Create and Work with a Disk Image
  13. Inspect file headers and disk data (raw sectors) with integrated Disk Editor (Hex Viewer)
  14. Activate Software with a Registration Key

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